De to særlige projekter (the two special projects)
Upper Solu Secondary Technical School (USSTS) Chhimbu Primary School
Upper Solu School Projects
Bakanje V.D.C.:
Sagarmatha Primary School (Sagardanda) Sagar-Bakanje Secondary School
Chhirringkharka Primary School Kenja Primary School
Orale Preprimary School Dakchhu Preprimary School
Beni V.C.D.:
Junbesi Higher Secondary School Mopung Primary School
Solung Preprimary School  
Trakshindu V.D.C.:
Ringmu Lower Secondary School  
Thamakhani V.D.C.:
Pikey Lower Secondary School in Loding Thamakhani Primary School 
Phalamkhani Primary School  
Salleri V.D.C.:
Phaplu Lower Secondary School Mount Everest English Secondary School (MEESS)
Skoleprojekter andre steder (Other school projects)
One school was supported long time ago:
Tapriza Boarding School (Dolpo)
One school never became a school but a Great Wall instead:
Tragdobuk (Primary School)
And we are co-operating with one quality Boarding School in Kathmandu:
Unique Boarding School (Siphal)
Undervisningsprojekter (Educational Projects)
Upper Solu skoleudflugt (School Excursion) Venskabsskole (Twin School Project)
Frivillig lærer i Solu (Volunteer Teacher Program) Voksenuddannelse (Adult Education)