RAPPORTER og BILAG fra Women Empowerment Project
Reports and Enclosures from WEP
Enclosures and reports from Bakanje WEP:

WEP Reports:

120309: WEP application for Embassy of Denmark
150113: Bhakanje WEP Baseline Survey Report

HIPRON Runner Service: WEP Monitoring Reports:

March-April 2012: RS-WEP Report
May-June 2012: RS-WEP Report

Enclosures and Reports from Bakanje Pilot-WEP:

091206: Bakanje WEP Preliminary Survey
100112: Bakanje WEP Report
100830: Pilot WEP I Application
101201: Miriams oplevelser som volunteer for WEP
101212: Pilot WEP I Report
110327: Pilot WEP II Application

Enclosures, Project Descriptions and Reports from Bakanje Women Group's Projects:
080910: Report on Chhimbu Progressive Women Group
101105: Sagar-Bakanje Flour Mill
101115: Chhimbu Flour Mill
110903: Patale Public Washing House
120217: Marbu Public Washing House
140205: Kenja Meeting Hall
Enclosures and reports from Basa WEP:
111123: Basa WEP Preliminary Report
121109: Basa WEP Survey Report